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Price list

NHS treatment costs are set by the government. There is a large range of treatments available on the NHS. Below is an example of some of the treatment costs of NHS treatment. All patients receive a written treatment plan prior to treatment.

Exam- free

Amalgam fillings- from £7.32

Composite ( white) fillings- from £13.80

Extraction- from £12.24

X-ray- from £ 3.36

scale and polish- £ 10.76

Metallic crown- £94.56

Bonded crown- £97.36

Full dentures – £160.00

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Private treatment

consultation £20.00

Dental implant consultation £50.00

Amalgam fillings from £30.00

Composite fillings from £40.00

Hygienist visit £ 30.00

Air polish £20.00

Veneers from £200

Bonded crown (white) from £200

Bleaching £300

Full dentures £450

Dental implants from £1100

Botox 1 area £150

2 areas £ 180

3 areas £ 210

Fillers per syringe £200

This is an example of the treatments we provide your dentist will provide you with a full treatment plan

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